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Mel Bradshaw

Most artists paint the things they're most familiar with, or love, or grew up with. Mel is an artist who does all three. Born in Durango, Colorado, Mel has had the opportunity to grow up in the West and to be near a variety of Native American Cultures and ranches throughout the Four Corners States. He grew up with the scenes you will find depicted on his paintings. He can take you back in history to a simpler way of life, or to the West as it is now.

Mel and his wife, Linda, currently reside in Winslow, Arizona. If his work seems familiar, perhaps you've seen it on the cover of such magazines as "Western Horseman", "Old West", "Frontier Times", and the list goes on. He has won numerous awards and his paintings grace many national and international homes and businesses.

Mel Bradshaw - Horse Country Mel Bradshaw - Hot Pusuit Mel Bradshaw Paintings
Mel Bradshaw Mel Bradshaw Painting Mel Bradshaw Paintings
Mel Bradshaw